Information Security at its Best

About Us

Adinkra Solutions Group LLC is a women-owned small business consulting and advisory firm with a multi-faceted portfolio specializing in Information Assurance and Security, Human Resource Management, Continuous Improvement and Program Management.

Change has become inevitable and a driving force in today’s information technology environment. New technologies are rapidly emerging, security threats are growing more sophisticated, and resources and dollars are more constrained government-wide. With this mind, Adinkra Solutions Group (ASG) is committed to bringing the long awaited change and assurance in the Information Security environment; and has the growing expectation to do more.

We are devoted to ensuring traditional approaches to information security becomes more effective by going the extra mile to deliver excellent services with outstanding customer satisfaction. Our experienced and dedicated staff delivers innovative strategies, provide tailored solutions to information Security matters and always exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our Core Values

To empower our team to change the dynamics of information security by delivering unique solutions that solves our customers' most demanding challenges, provide shareholders returns and contribute to our communities and nation as a whole.